All India Council for Astronomy & Space Education (AICASE) is a private organization. AICASE’s Research Center aspires to be at the forefront of astronomical research. Devoting our efforts in specific directions, we have built up core groups in Experimental and Instrumentation Astrophysics and Observational Astronomy. Research topics carried out at the Research Center range from the solar system, star and planet formation, the origin of life, to extra-galactic science, cosmology, and supermassive black holes, large scale structures. AICASE also frequently hosts international workshops and conferences. The goal of AICASE’s Research Center is to become an international research institute engaged in frontier projects, competing and collaborating with the leading research groups worldwide. AICASE Research Group is located in Latur (MS), India. Currently, we have a staff of 20 including research fellows, research engineers and scientists, postdoctoral fellows, visiting scholars, assistants and supporting personnel.

Our group members actively participate in the analysis and interpretation of observational data from the currently operating eROSITA, INTEGRAL, XMM-Newton, Chandra, RXTE, ASTROSAT, GMRT, VLA, Hubble Space Telescope, SUZAKU, NuSTAR, WISE, GALEX, and Many ground base Optical Telescopes.


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