AICASE magazine features:

Astronomy News:
Keep tabs on the latest space missions, recent discoveries, and upcoming observing events through our news reports and podcasts.

Reader Gallery:
See incredible pictures of nebulae, planets, aurorae, and other celestial gems by Astronomy readers. Also, learn about what equipment and techniques were used to capture shots.

Sky Events:
Learn about upcoming sky events and how to make the most of your observations.

Special Offers:
Take advantage of special offers on products and services from Astronomy and our advertisers. Also, stay up to date on AICASE news, announcements, and developments.


Submitting an article to AICASE Magazine

We are excited to highlight the various activities occurring in Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Space Science and therefore invite submissions for the magazine! If you’re interested in contributing, please send your idea to to initiate a discussion with our editorial team. Once your idea is approved, we’ll provide you with submission guidelines. Please note that the editorial team may make revisions in collaboration with the author.


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All images in Contact are courtesy of the SKAO unless otherwise indicated.




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