Dear Amateur Astronomers,

The All India Council for Astronomy and Space Education (AICASE) is planning to carry out a survey to reveal amateur astronomers in India. The professional astronomy in India is very advanced and various amateurs having telescopes make observations and are interested in astronomy as well; however, the amateur astronomy is still not organized. To collect information on the amateurs and their observational possibilities, we ask you to register through our online form and send us your data.

We plan to organize a meeting with amateurs and found an AICASE, which will operate for your further needs. We should use this opportunity to increase the prestige of amateur astronomy in our country and collaborate with society in all aspects: astronomy in society and culture, astronomical education, popular astronomy, scientific tourism in India, scientific journalism, etc AICASE is going to support all your initiatives and activities.

Dr. Satish Sonkamble
(Founder President of AICASE)

Online Form for Amateur Astronomers:

    Last Updated on March 11, 2023 by Sonkamble Satish