Astrokids is a course for students in grades 5 to 10, and Astroguy is a course for students in grades 11 to 12, that covers themes such as astronomy, astrophysics, and astrobiology, as well as ISRO, NASA, ESA, JAXA, rockets, satellites, life in space, celestial events, and spacecraft and rovers. It is a 6-day virtual course. The major goal of this course is to provide the most accurate and clear insights into the fundamentals of various space scientific terminologies.

Prices: 1st : Rs.2000/- + Certificate         2nd: Rs.1500/-  + Certificate          3rd: Rs.1000/- + Certificate 

Course Fee:
Rs: 2500/- (Use Promo code ASTRO500 to get flat Rs.500/- OFF )

Topics will be covered :
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Introduction to Rockets and Satellites
Life of Space
Introduction to space crafts and rovers
Celestial Events
And many more subtopics in this field

Course Details :
For Indian Students
Eligibility: 5th to 10th and 11th – 12th Grade​
Duration: 6 Days (Virtual)
Dates: April 20th – 25th April 2023 and
May 2nd – 7th May 2023
Timings : 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Everyday)

A smartphone or Laptop or Desktop with internet and a webcam is needed



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