All India Council for Astronomy & Space Education (AICASE) is a non-profit organization of A2Z Astronomy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Work on funding of Govt., membership fees, and other educational funds. AICASE brings together more than 50 astronomy & astrophysics professionals, including around 20 doctors in astrophysics and around 150 student members. Its main objective is to help promote the development of Astronomy and Astrophysics in India and, in particular, to provide an independent forum for the discussion of matters of interest to the Indian astronomical community. Produce Nobel Laureates, and good researchers in India by providing excellent infrastructure and guidance. Prepare human resources for Astro Megaprojects. Promotion of Astronomy and Astrophysics in India. Make India the leading country in Astronomy, Astrophysics & Space Science.  Attach local Astronomical groups/societies with us for systematic promotion of astronomy and space education.


AICASE promotes and advances astronomy in India. As an independent body, the AICASE is able to act on matters that need to be handled at a India level. Founded in 2022, the AICASE is a society of individual members. All astronomers may join the society, irrespective of their field of research, or their country of work or origin. In addition, corporations, publishers, and non-profit organizations can become organizational members of the AICASE.

Activities and Functions:

AICASE General Assembly

The AICASE organizes its General Assembly once a year, to enhance its links with national communities, to broaden connections between individual members, and to promote Indian networks. The AICASE general assembly consists of plenary sessions covering astronomical topics of general interest, and of a number of parallel sessions.


The AICASE has decided to award prizes in the following categories : (1) Best Research Paper Award (2) Best Thesis Award (Master) (3) Best Thesis Award (PhD) (4) Science Popularization Award (5) Science Blog Award (6) Best Science Teacher Award (7) Best School Award


The AICASE organizes different exams like Astronomy Olympiad, Physics Olympiad, and Mathematics Olympiad.

Newsletter and Journal 

In 2022, we started the AICASE e-Newsletter and AICASE Journal. Both are issued four times per year – in general in January, April, July, and October – and include reports on astronomical topics, astronomical life in India, developments within the society, and Indian networks.

Connections with Affiliated Societies

The AICASE provides a natural link to astronomical communities/groups across India through relations with its affiliated societies, i.e. the national astronomical societies. The meetings are regularly held between the AICASE Council and representatives of the affiliated societies.

Job opportunities and other services

The AICASE website gives members easy access to the job search. AICASE members and non-members can post job announcements free of charge. In addition to these services, AICASE gives a regularly updated list of Summer/Winter Schools.


The AICASE offers reduced registration fees at the annual AICASE meeting to AICASE members and further supports the participation of a limited number of young astronomers via AICASE other Grants. We also provide research grants to young Astronomers. 

Contact with Indian Sister Societies

Many scientific fields rely on collaboration beyond traditional disciplines. The AICASE thus provides links to other societies in order to foster discussion on topics of common interest. As an example, the AICASE and the Indian Institute of Biology have established the Joint Astrobiology Research Group.

To become a member of the AICASE, please consult the information on membership classes, benefits, and fees and fill out the online application form. 

For Organisational Memberships, please contact the AICASE Office.




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