Dr. Sonali Kadam (Chair)

Following research projects are available for 3 to 6 months of Summer Internship 2023. Fee Rs. 1300/- per month. A flat discount is available, please contact us at aicase.info@gmail.com. Kindly use “Project Internships” as the subject.

X-ray Astronomy:

  1. Investigating the properties of X-ray binaries in nearby galaxies
  2. Studying the accretion process in X-ray emitting active galactic nuclei (AGN)
  3. Analyzing the X-ray properties of young stellar objects in star-forming regions
  4. Mapping the hot gas in galaxy clusters using X-ray observations
  5. Investigating the variability of X-ray sources in the Galactic center region

Radio Astronomy:

  1. Studying the properties of radio-emitting supernova remnants
  2. Analyzing the radio continuum emission from star-forming galaxies
  3. Mapping the large-scale structure of the interstellar medium using radio observations
  4. Investigating the magnetic field structure in galaxy clusters using Faraday rotation measurements
  5. Searching for radio pulsars in the Galactic plane using wide-field surveys

Optical Astronomy:

  1. Measuring the chemical composition of stars in nearby galaxies using high-resolution spectroscopy
  2. Studying the star formation history of galaxies using color-magnitude diagrams
  3. Investigating the properties of massive black holes in the centers of galaxies using optical spectroscopy
  4. Searching for new transiting exoplanets using time-series photometry
  5. Measuring the distances to nearby galaxies using the period-luminosity relation of Cepheid variable stars

Gravitational Wave Astronomy:

  1. Gravitational Wave Detection and Analysis with LIGO/Virgo: A Hands-on Approach
  2. Exploring Compact Binary Coalescences: Case Studies from Gravitational Wave Observations
  3. Characterizing Black Hole Mergers: Insights from Gravitational Wave Astronomy
  4. Probing Neutron Star Collisions: Observational Challenges and Scientific Implications in Gravitational Wave Astronomy
  5. Advancements in Gravitational Wave Detectors: Next-Generation Technologies and Their Impact on Astrophysics


These are just a few examples, and there are many other possible research projects in these fields. The specific research opportunities available to master students will depend on their institution and the resources available to them.


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